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Independence Center Alumni Association

The Independence Center Alumni Association (ICAA) was formed in 1975 to promote a bond of fellowship for the alumni of the Independence Center.  This purpose is accomplished through the Board of Directors who are responsible for all administrative duties of the group.  This includes delegating responsibility to the various committees.  Membership is available to all clients and their families that have been involved in a treatment program at the Independence Center.  To promote membership in 1978 it was decided that new graduate would be given membership free for the first year.  The dues were set at $5.00 a year and guess what this is one place inflation has overlooked; yes today the membership fee is still $5.00. 


            Over the years there have been many changes within the ICAA, but one thing has always been consistent and that is the support and fellowship of the alumni of the Independence Center.  The ICAA sponsors an annual Chili Feed, the first chili feed was held in the basement of the Independence Center, today the event is held at the Cornhusker Social Hall and is usually standing room only the hall can seat 425 people.  Another way the connection between alumni is maintained is through the Happenings Newsletter, it predecessor was called New Link.  The mailing list for the Happenings Newsletter is 1,800 or so.


            In 1978 the ICAA started raising monies to fund a treatment loan fund to be used by people who could not afford treatment.  Their goal was to raise $XXXX and have it matched by the Lincoln Hospital Foundation.  Bake sales, car washes, pizza sales, candy bar sales and yes one year they cleaned the Devaney after a basketball game to raise the money, it would take the ICAA 18 years to accomplish this, and today there is a fund available to make loans to individuals who complete treatment to pay their treatment bill. 


            These are a few historical tid-bits.  But the ICAA is ever changing and growing stay tuned for the next exciting chapter of the ICAA, get involved attend a board meeting, find one of the committees you would like to work with have some fun and give something back.



The Board Meets

The second Tuesday of every month

Volunteer Room – Independence Center

7:00 p.m.




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